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Ambilight Clone

I enjoy projects with LEDs incorporated, and always liked the concept of the Ambilight TVs. However, the official TVs have low pixel density, and the prefab boxes on the market require specific LEDs and extended hardware setups. With those shortcomings and hurdles in mind I wanted to make my own version that would use addressable RGB LED strips.

This box accepts any HDMI, RCA, or VGA video input, analyzes the edges of the feed with a Raspberry Pi, then sends data to an Arduino, which in turn sends lighting data to 172 LEDs lining the back of my TV.

The result is a visual masterpiece shining behind my TV that acurately changes colors with what is on the screen in realtime. No picture or video I have taken of this project does it any sort of justice. It's hard to watch other TVs that don't have this incorporated without feeling like something is missing.

Ambilight Clone
Ambilight Clone Lights
Ambilight Clone Wiring
Ambilight Clone Base
Ambilight Clone Frame
Ambilight Clone Empty

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