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Bartop Arcade Cabinets

I've wanted my own arcade cabinet since I was a kid. One of my dreams is to own a barcade during retirement. After diving into the realm of Raspberry Pi-based emulation for a previous project, I decided I would take it up a notch and build a bartop arcade cabinet.

Building arcade cabinets has taught me a lot about electronics, coding, and microcontrollers, as well as honed my woodworking abilities. These learned skills have been the cornerstone of many projects since, and allowed me to delve into projects that were at one point only dreams in my eyes.

Legend of Zelda Arcade Cabinet
NES Arcade Cabinet
Tron Arcade Cabinet
Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet
Super Mario World Arcade Cabinet

Custom Elements

NYC Arcade Cabinet Marquee

I like to incorporate the tools I have available in my projects wherever possible. In this specific arcade cabinet commission I custom designed and 3D printed both a fully-functional channel letter marquee and a set of magnetic latches for the back door of the machine.

VW in Garden
Snail on Rock
Portrait Photography
Caterpillar on Plant
Caterpillars on Plants
Concert Photography
Interior Photography
Interior Photography 2

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